The first thing that brought us together was our innate attraction for one another at first sight.  As we got to know each other, we found that we had a connection. Our love of reading, rediscovering childhood dreams…

One of our perfect date is stargazing under the peak meteor shower season with amazing music, relaxing with one another.

We agreed to exclusively see each other after the movie premier of The Dark Knight on July 16, 2008.

This is the conversation Anh had with Choey a few days prior to that :

Choey wrote (July 23, 2008): I wasn’t lying, I saved those messages you sent me. I don’t know if you mean what you wrote… but I found it to be pretty deep. If we do get any further, this will remind us how we started…

July 14, 2008 – 10 :42p – Anh

U kno I care about u a lot

July 15, 2008 – 12 :27a – Anh

U touched me in a way I’ve forgotten. I’m rediscovering myself.

July 15, 2008 – 12 :41a – Anh

First it was the book about childhood dreams, then it was music and how I grew up loving it, then barney reminiscing, poetry ? Haha

July 15, 2008 – 12 :43a – Anh

Man all that seemed like a different person. Thank u for reminding me who I am. Life sometimes is about coming full circle. 99 sweet dreams.


Thereafter, we became inseparable. There was nothing we’d rather do with anyone else…

The Summer of 2013 trip we had planned started evolving as our relationship was evolving. Everything that has happened and the long distance made us realized we were ready to take the next step, we thought Europe would be the perfect setting for us to celebrate that decision. To give you a little background, the long distance has been very difficult for us because we were both so used to having each other around.

We had a rough year, both our work is very demanding and it was a year of test and trials for us. Given this, we had a difficult time coping with not being at each other’s side.

Anh wanted to surprise Choey with a proposal while on the Europe trip and get married there soon after. However, due to our difficult time… Anh surprised Choey earlier. He proposed, she accepted and we started planning our elopement.

Deep down we are hopeless romantics… for each other. Not only did we withstand the test of time but also the distance and the difficult situations we have encountered over the course of our relationship. We want to begin making the commitment to truly share our life together… because through it all, we have found “The One.”

We have been together for five years, including one year of long distance. We want to take the next step and begin building our future together. This is the first step to the life we had envisioned and daydreamed with one another, starting with our union in the location of our dream.


A love is to me
Is like that of a tree
Without water and light
It’ll never grow into what it can be

Many storms, tides, and sways
We bend but don’t break
Our roots grow deep from past days
Everlasting through time and space

That is what love is to me
Don’t you agree?